Al Kamda contact information
P. O. Box 4427, Dubai (UAE)
Tel: +971 4 266 4200
Fax: +971 4 266 2960

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Al Kamda Sport's contribution to the sporting world is second to none. Providing the materials and equipment for the best quality tennis courts, squash courts and stadiums, the company facilitates both indoor and outdoor sports needs through its tailored services. In keeping with the company mantra - no project is too big or too small?Al Kamda Sportcan deliver any project, whatever the size.

Always on the cutting edge of innovation and excellence, Al KamdaSport's offerings have reached an unparalleled standard across the Gulf region making it the go-to company for everything sports related.

Al Kamda Sport's products can be found in the most important leisure centres in the UAE, Bahrain, Qatar and Saudi Arabia. Fabricated with master craftsmanship and skilled precision, everything from children's play areas to seating for large stadia can be delivered with the utmost quality.

Glass play-walls for squash courts, vinyl flooring and FIFA accredited synthetic grass for football, basketball and hockey pitches are just a few of the areas catered for by Al Kamda Sport.

Indoor Sports Flooring

Al Kamda Sportprovideshigh quality multi-use indoor surfaces for a range of clients in partnership with polyurethane flooring specialists Descol?. Al KamdaSports also works in collaboration with flooring production company, Limonto, to ensure marterials are certified and compatible with environmental protection policies.

Tennis courts

The company offers advanced non-porous technology, for use at major centres where a high quality fast surface in required, in collaboration with tech-Tone?. Al Kamda Sport also provides Courtside Sports lighting and Douglas premium nets, windscreens and accessory court equipment.

Squash Courts

From Ellis Pearson? glass play walls and Armourcoat hard wall plaster, both approved and certified by the World Squash Federation, to Tembec? hardwood flooring that meets the highest international performance standards for sport surfaces, Al Kamda Sport offers complete Squash court solutions.

Stadium Packages

Al Kamda Sport has successfully partnered with established brands to offer entire stadium packages including electronic scoreboards by Stramatel?, FIFA accredited turfs by PeBa? Grass, stadium seating and sports equipment packages from Schelde Sports? and Ferco?.

Running Tracks

Partnered with Fairmont Polymers?, Al Kamda Sport has been at the forefront of running track systems for the past 15 years including Urethane and Acrylic systems with IAAF (International Association of Athletic Federation) Class One certification.

Playground Equipment

Al Kamda Sport works in partnership with renowned park and playground specialists, Manjaku?, to ensure every product and system is planned, designed and produced with fun and safety in mind.

Sportwall ?

Based around Computer Games, Sportwall? uses interactive activities to enhance both physical and neurological development while making fitness fun.