Al Kamda contact information
P. O. Box 4427, Dubai (UAE)
Tel: +971 4 266 4200
Fax: +971 4 266 2960

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Al Kamda Spa recognises the importance of maintain and healthy body and mind and offers a range of high quality, durable, products designed to relax tired muscles and ease any aches and pains. Feel yourself letting go of that stress in a steam room, open your pores with some time in the sauna or kick back and relax in a whirlpool.

Featuring products from the most respected names in spa therapy, Al Kamda Spa's products covereverything from Finnish Saunas,expertly crafted from slowly grown quality spruce, to whirlpools equipped with powerful water jets that soothe every part of the body.

To ensure clients receive the best possible service, Al Kamda Spa can help with product selection and positioning. A wide range of spa accessories including sauna stoves, fragrances, disinfectants and lighting is also available.





Al KamdaSpa has partnered with globally renowned producer and exporter of Finnish saunas, LagerholmFinnsauna?, to provide Saunas for both indoor and outdoor use. The long-term knowledge and experience LagerholmFinnsauna? possesses is also used for constant product development.

Steam Rooms & Showers

With the support of market leading brands like Cleopatra? (part of Hansgrohe group?) and Welldana?, Al KamdaSpa offers steam rooms and showers designed to sooth, relax muscles and detoxify.


Al KamdaSpa offers whirlpools of superior efficiency from brands like Scandispa? and Ridgewood?, which are equipped with powerful jets to relax muscles.


Massage, as we all know, is a word that is synonymous with relaxation. It is also an essential part of any workout to help relax the body and mind. Al Kamda Spa has forged a unique partnership with Oakworks?, to supply premium massage and therapy tables and equipment.

Spa Accessories

Al Kamda Spa offers a wide variety of hydrotherapy products that coax out pent up stress and tension. Al KamdaSpa stocks a wide range of spa accessories including sauna stoves, fragrances, disinfectants and lighting. The company also represents the Cosmopro? range of hydrotherapy products.

Lockers, Cubicles and Partitions

Not forgetting changing facilities, Al KamdaSpa provides high quality cubicles and lockers designed with security, privacy and comfort in mind. The companyprovides personal storage solutions to all environments, for projects large or small from recognized brands such as Besco? and Link Lockers?.